B E C O M E   A  P A R T N E R


Are you a small or medium size DSA, Chartered Accountant, Financial Advisor, Insurance or Real Estate Agents and any individual hungry to grow we’ll connect your business to its goals – and that means profits and success for everyone.

Alliance Network

56+ Banks and NBFC’s


400+ crores of loan disbursed

Core Products

Secured and Unsecured Loans


Best in the Market

Who can Become a Partner?

Chartered Accountants
Financial Advisors
Insurance and Real Estate Agents
Equity Broker
Anybody who has great knowledge about Loan Products

Benefits of Programme

Get best revenue sharing on everyclosure

Timely and transparent best payouts on every closure

CRM for lead tracking, commission tracking and complete visibility of your business

Higher payout, free international trips, vouchers from Uber, Amazon, Flipkart etc. on meeting certain revenue targets

Access to multiple financial products and 55+ banks/NBFCs, enhancing your reach across cities and product categories

To anybody who wishes to understand how channel partner relationships work and obtain knowledge of different loan products and processes

Become a Partner and Access Various Portfolio of Services

Join us & Become a Partner